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The Lifetime Recognition Award is given every 3 years to a member of the EFCE member countries in recognition of their outstanding contribution to Mixing Science and Technology in Europe. The award is presented at every European Mixing Conference.

The 2018 award was presented to Professor Michael Yianneski, UCL, at the 16th European Conference on Mixing in Toulouse (http://www.mixing16.eu) and was sponsored by UNILEVER.

Prof. Adam Kowalski (Unilever) presents Prof. Michael Yianneskis (UCL) with the Lifetime Recognition Award in Mixing at Mixing16 in Toulouse, September 2018.

The next award will be presented at the the 17th European Conference on Mixing in Porto, Portugal in 2021. Please click here for the guidelines for candidates.


The Young Researcher Award was established in 2000 to encourage and recognize young researchers for their quality research in the area of mixing. Any young researcher (less than 35 years old) who has completed their PhD in mixing in a European university and is currently active in the mixing research, science and technology is eligible. The award is presented during the European Conference on Mixing held every 3 years.

The 2018 Young Researcher Award was presented to Dr. Federico Alberini, University of Birmingham, at the 16th European Conference on Mixing in Toulouse in September 2018 for his work on the use of advanced experimental techniques to improve mixing of complex fluids. The cash prize was suppported by Bayer and the EFCE. The runner-up was Dr. Antonio Buffo, University of Torino.

Prof. Jerzy Baldyga, Chairman of the EFCE Working Party on Mixing, presents Dr. Federico Alberini (University of Birmingham), with the 2018 Young Researcher Award in Mixing, at Mixing16 held in September 2018 in Toulouse, France

The next award will be presented at the 17th European Mixing Conference, which will be held in Porto, Portugal in 2021. The criteria for selection can be found here.



Young Researcher Award

Lifetime Recognition Award


 Giorgio Micale (Italy)

 John Smith (UK)


 Joelle Aubin (France)

 Alvin Nienow (UK)


 Giusi Montante (Italy)

 John Bourne (Switzerland) & Ivan Fort (Czech Republic)


 Andrea Ducci (UK)

 Joël Bertrand (France)


 Sebastian Maass (Germany)

 Franco Magelli (Italy)


 Claudio Fonte (Portugal)

 Harry Van den Akker (The Netherlands & Ireland)


 Federico Alberini (UK)

 Michael Yianneskis (UK)


Lifetime Recognition Award Winners in Bologna, 2006 (from left to right): John Smith, Alvin Nienow, John Bourne, Ivan Fort.


Young Researcher Award winners taken in Poland, 2012 (from left to right): Andrea Ducci, Giusi Montante, Joëlle Aubin, Sebastian Maaß.


Prof. Harry van den Akker recieves the BHR Group Award for Lifetime Recognition in Mixing presented by Dr. Gül Özcan-Taskin at the 15th European Conference on Mixing in St Petersburg, June 2015.


Dr. Claudio Antonio Pereira da Fonte, 2015 winner of the Young Researcher Award presented in St Petersburg, June 2015.


Young Researcher Award winners in Toulouse, 2018(from left to right): Andrea Ducci, Federico Alberini, Joelle Aubin, Giusi Montante, Claudio Fonte.