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In memory of Franco Magelli

We are deeply sorry to inform you that Prof. Franco Magelli passed away suddenly on March 7 2016. Franco made a significant contribution to research and teaching in the field of mixing, and he was very well known in the international mixing community.
His research activity on solid-liquid and gas-liquid mixing, particularly with multiple impeller systems, started at the beginning of his academic career in the 70’s. He was also an extremely active member of the mixing community in Europe since 1980 through his involvement with the Working Party on Mixing as Italian delegate and his contribution to the series of European Mixing Conferences since its inception. Franco had many collaborations in Europe and overseas, he actively participated in mixing sessions at number of World Congresses, AIChE and CHISA meetings, as well as the specialist NAMF and ISMIP conferences. He was also very active in teaching at the University of Bologna and in specialized short courses organized in Italy drawing out the importance of fluid mixing and mass transfer in many industrial processes, including the biotechnology field.
He was the recipient of the BHRG Lifetime Recognition Award in Mixing in 2012.
Franco has left an important mark in the personal and scientific growth of many of his colleagues and students. He has been a guide and a model for balance, sensitivity, spirit of institutional service, ability to analyse each issue from different perspectives, by patiently listening and considering the ideas of everybody. He spent most of his academic life dealing with fluid mixing and leading institutional roles, always serving outstandingly, by identifying and following the path for the best outcome for the institution even when it would have resulted in a personal loss.
Franco has been commemorated in the Cappella di Santa Maria dei Bulgari, in the ancient Archiginnasio Library by a ceremony reserved to the most prominent academics of the University of Bologna, as a sign of gratitude for his contribution, before giving him the last  homage during the religious funeral. The impact of his personal and professional qualities will continue to guide and inspire many of his colleagues and friends, who had the privilege to know and work with him.

Giusi Montante